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partnerships beyond the farm gate

Livestock Media Plus is a GRASSROOTS Canadian company located in Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan, founded by Bridget Andrews.  Bridget Andrews, PAg, has 25 years experience in the agriculture industry and also owns a large purebred and commercial cattle operation. 

Livestock Media Plus does not solely focus on the cattle industry.  Our vision is to develop partnerships with customers in all areas of the livestock industry SHOWCASING CANADIAN AGRICULTURE TO THE WORLD

What makes us different from our competitors?

  • Our business BREATHES AGRICULTURE.  We know it and live it every single day.  We can customize your graphic, catalogue and videoing and advertising needs with that personal agriculture touch that relates to your customers.
  • Our business approach is developing lasting partnerships with our customers to achieve their goals.  We want to sit down at the kitchen table and design a MARKETING PLAN that will work for your operation and continually re-visit and make changes to the plan where necessary.  Look at what’s been working, what needs to be improved, and how do we achieve the goals set out.
  • Our business is “HANDS ON,”  meaning we will be there every step of the way overseeing and ensuring our services have met and surpassed our customers’ expectations.