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How do I register for an upcoming sale or event?

On the Home Page or Auction Link a buyer or viewer will be able to register for an upcoming sale/event by clicking the register link.  This will open into a new window where they will fill out the registration information and submit. 

The user name and password are case sensitive so if you typed in CATTLE (all uppercase) and the next time you log into the site you type cattle (all lowercase) this will not work.  It is important to write your password down and keep it in a safe place. 

What happens after I register?

Once your registration information is submitted Livestock Media Plus staff, sales management, event organizer or the seller will review those registered for the auction or event and will approve you.  They also have the right to remove people from the list if necessary. 

Once approved, how do I bid?

Once logged into to sale or event there will be a link posted on the auction page that will say:  CLICK TO ENTER AUCTION.  This usually occurs 30 minutes prior before a sale/event.  At times it may happen hours ahead of time or minutes prior to the sale.  This is dependent on the internet connection and other technical factors. 

What if the asking price and the audio during the sale do not match?

The asking price located on the screen is the current price.  When you CLICK BID you are agreeing to bid on the current price on the screen.  Sometimes the audio and video can be behind depending on the internet connection.  Livestock Media Plus tries to run on as fast as a connection as possible, but the limiting factor is still the internet connection provided at the auction or event location.

Livestock Media Plus tries to work with those bidding online as we will try to slow down the bidding process to give the buyer a bit more time to bid.  However, there is NO GUARANTEE that your bid will come in on time so we encourage you to bid quickly.  

Why are there audio problems during the broadcast?

Internet connection can be a limiting factor on audio problems.  We will make every attempt to ensure it is working properly, but if the problem persists it may be the connection on the viewer’s end, our end or a combination of both.  If problems are on the viewer’s end we would not be able to correct this.

I purchased a lot online today, now what happens?   

Livestock Direct sale staff will contact you with the payment details.  Payment is to be made directly to Sales Management or the seller.  It is NOT TO BE MADE TO LIVESTOCK MEDIA PLUS .

Am I still required to register if I am only watching?

Yes, to be able to watch a Livestock Media Plus auction or event you must register for an account.  This is free to do and only takes a few minutes.

Can I watch the auction or event from an I-Pad or I-Phone?

Unfortunately watching an event or auction will not be possible on an I-Phone or I-Pad because of the way video is handled on these types of devices.