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partnerships beyond the farm gate

Livestock Media Plus means partnerships.  Together we will develop a marketing plan to achieve your goals.

Livestock Media Plus demands work that is innovative, creative and accountable.   

Livestock Media Plus offers a number of marketing strategies to take your program to the next level:

Online Video Production

Livestock Video production is a new, innovative way to marketing your livestock program.  It allows potential customers to view the animal’s movement and quality first hand.  We will come out video your livestock, edit the video footage, and include the animal’s pedigree information into a customized graphic design that can be embedded into the Livestock Plus Site or into your site.

Catalogue and Graphic Design

Livestock Media Plus offers graphic design to produce unique catalogue and ad design customized with a personal agriculture touch that relates to your customers.  We know and come from the heart of agriculture allowing us to create an agriculture bond to our graphic design.

Live Online Internet Sale Broadcasts

Livestock Media Plus will come to your sale location and broadcast your sale live through the internet.  We can broadcast both live and pre-shot video, live audio, chat box and real time online bidding.  Broadcasting sales over the internet expands your customer base and showcases your program to potential buyers throughout the world.

Email Blasts

Livestock Media Plus has one of the largest email databases in North America that can be filtered by species, location and breed.  This is an excellent way to reach potential customers.

Live Event Broadcasts

Livestock Media Plus can broadcast livestock shows, conferences, symposiums and various other important events live through the internet.  We have the top of the line broadcasting equipment that can broadcast the event through numerous cameras allowing the viewer to experience the full effect of the event.

Ag Commercials

This is one of the most effective ways to reach your customers.  We come out and shoot a short commercial that provides a brief overview of your operation, upcoming sales or anything else you may want to showcase.  Ag Commercials capture a personal “down home” approach about you and your operation creating a stronger connection to potential customers.

Customized Ranch/Farm Productions

Ranch/Farm production is a unique opportunity to showcase your entire operation to the world.  This is usually a longer video production that takes into account your operation, breeding program, upcoming sales and any other pertinent information.  It allows you to tell potential customers who, what, where, why and how about your operation.  This is a great marketing tool to use at a livestock show, trade booth, place on a USB or disk to hand out, use on your website or various other opportunities.

Marketing Packages

Need more than one of our services, no problem.  Our business focuses on developing a marketing plan to fit your needs.  We will sit down with you discuss what your needs are and develop a marketing package that is customized to your operation and price competitive.  Our goal is to work together to take your operation to the next level.

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